Desdemona Young


Short of stature and lithe of limb, there is not much substance to Desdemona Young, or Dee, as she is commonly known. This is rather in keeping with her knowledge of her past, which is largely lacking.

Her haunting beauty (quality), peroxide blonde bob and penchant for fighting the rampaging undead wearing a combat corset, thigh length boots, a winning smile and little else means she tends to leave quite an impression on those that meet her, as well as a string of broken hearts she seems innocently oblivious of.


Dee grew up in what passes for social care in the Unhallowed Metropolis, having been found alive in the wreckage of a house fire at the age of 10 or 12. Running away at the age of 16, Dee stole a gun from somewhere and has, somehow obtained an O.U.D. licence and has been Undertaking ever since. Now 23 years of age, it is remarkable that she has survived for so long.

“They never seem to want to bite me”, she has shrugged and remarked on more than one occasion.

Having taken up with our heroes more or less by chance, she has fought animates, vampires and prometheans by their side.

Although the fiend Duval was a whisker from ending her life, that “honour” technically falls to Mordechai, who pierced her heart, instead of the vampires, with a bullet in the thick of battle.

I still recall Caerban’s quip at the time “Meh, she’s a lousy Undertaker, its a kindness, really”.
Such a wonderfully callous demonstration of “Killer Instinct” in action.

Desdemona Young

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