Aiden Macrobie

This dashing young lawyer always appears slightly dishevelled.


Despite his best efforts, Aiden Macrobie always manages to appear slightly dishevelled. His bow tie will be askew. Or his cravat adrift. His collar bent, or perhaps a button has fallen from his waistcoat. His hair is a law unto itself.

He exudes a perpetual air of timid enthusiasm, and is otherwise polite and charming, with an unassuming manner.


Aiden is 27, and the last surviving member of his family, as is true of so many in the Metropolis these days. His family passed during his university days, and he does not talk, or indeed, think, much about them.

He is a partner in the small law firm of Fitzwalter & Macrobie, of which he and the other partner, Alistair Fitzwalter, are the sole employees. The two met during their law studies, and have made good on their youthful plans to set up practice together after leaving university.

Aiden Macrobie

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